Programs at Oakland Women's Center



Restoring Our Roots 

A focus on healing and restoration to help transform psychological trauma into a positive, proactive mindset.  The Center provides:

  • Workshops to nurture physical and psychological health
  • Individual counseling for grief, loss, and recovery from domestic and sexual abuse
  • Community building activities including member meetings, holiday and special events

Women Building Economic Power

As the most influential drivers of change, women need the best information and tools to create prosperity for themselves and their families.  The Center provides:

  • Workshops on managing personal finances and micro-lending for       businesses
  • Consulting on Job search and interviewing skills
  •  Entrepreneurial Skills mentoring and support for new and existing  women-owned businesses
  • Personalized assistance to identify and secure affordable housing

OWC's goal is to foster ownership of the Center by the members and to enable sustainable self-management within five year of opening.


When the members join forces to determine the direction of the Center, they advance not only their own prospects but those of many other women in the community.