We champion a powerful truth:

Every woman has the capacity for fulfillment and wellness within her.



Oakland Women’s Center is a community committed to the success of women of any age, ethnicity, or economic status. Membership is FREE


When you come to join, here’s what to expect.

  • Consult privately with one of our staff to discuss your needs
  • Complete a short registration form.  All information is strictly confidential.
  • Meet the staff - they are your advocates going forward
  • Tour the Center and learn about all it can provide for you.  

As a member, you'll receive weekly updates of Center events and opportunities.

 Free Services at Oakland Women’s Center




  • Personal assistance in finding resources you need
  • Workshops and private coaching sessions on a variety of topics important to women
  • Individual Counseling
  • A support network of inspiring women
  • Access to a computer with Internet
  • Homemade snacks and beverages
  • A rooftop garden for relaxing - and for fresh veggies in season
  • Personal hygiene items     


Our Sister's Closet:  gently used women's clothing and shoes, baby and kids clothing, towels, sheets, blankets, kitchen stuff


What Members say about Oakland Women's Center


"Just to say, thank you my sista! You saved my life...I am so appreciative for your dedication and service to us women who need a this type of healing."  LC


"I can't express how profoundly the help I have received from the Women's Center has put my life back on course.  I met counselor Sheila Cotton and I have been on a healing journey ever since! While it's not easy, I feel secure in dealing with stuff at the Women's Center... Today, I'm working on a plan to financially stabilize. I'm enrolled to go to school. I'm working part time. A year ago, I barely could get out of bed."  SDE